The sun was beginning to set. It was chasing the horizon line along Lake Michigan while painting the sky in warm, golden hues. There was a slight breeze as the waves softly ebbed and flowed along Lake Forest Beach. The serenity of the sunset would have been the perfect sight to end our evening with if we weren’t witnessing a love story unfold right before our eyes. Now this is definitely the best way to end any day. He walked towards the sand with one hand in his pocket and the other lightly holding hers. We couldn’t tell if he was nervous or not, but he was grinning from ear-to-ear. Stopping where he stood, Dan took the ring box out of his pocket and began to drop down to one knee. Abigail was shocked. So shocked that we’re pretty certain she said, “OMG, no! Not here!” and turned around, taking a few steps to run away. With her cheeks all rosy, she quickly gathered herself and admired the shiny ring that was staring back at her as it was sparkling in the sun. She nodded her head yes and they embraced for a sweet, emotional hug. It honestly can’t get more perfect than that! 

We love the raw, unplannable moments that come with proposals. They are some of those moments that could never be scripted or thought of because emotions and nerves are running high. And you know what we’ve found? Every proposal has a funny twist to it. Emily’s husband held the ring box upside down so Emily didn’t see the ring at first, and now that we think about it...did he propose to himself? Lexi was rather annoyed with her husband about how weird he was acting while they were at the zoo, so she tossed the map she was holding down on the ground and went to walk away. Ask her to see her proposal photos… you’ll see the map's cameo. Abigail getting ready to run away is honestly such a cute and humorous addition to their story. She is more reserved by nature. Lucky and unlucky for her, it was SUCH a beautiful November day in Lake Forest, so everyone was out enjoying the warmth along the lakefront. She was slightly embarrassed when she realized what Dan was doing because she saw a group of people walking in their direction. Which is why her first reaction was to find a more private spot. But, Dan was already down on one knee and we were in position to capture it. So they enjoyed their moment as if they were the only two on the beach. And we love that. It shows us how much they love each other and how happy they are to start their forever together. They are such a sweet couple. They radiate so much joy, it’s hard not to smile when you’re around them. We could have hung out with these two all night long! 

Abigail and Dan, congratulations to you! We are so honored to have been a part of your proposal, so thank you Dan for trusting us with your secret! Watching you two walk around one of your favorite spots in Lake Forest and dote over one another are memories that we don’t ever want to forget. You two are so perfect together and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. Cheers to your forever together!