The room was cozy. The walls were adorned with so many beautiful, love-filled memories. Mom and Dad were so incredibly filled with joy, it was contagious. And she held him close. Cuddled him in her arms while gazing down at him. She was admiring him. Soaking up every ounce of newborn goodness she could. Mom was almost in awe realizing that this tiny, beautiful human was (and still is!) hers. It was as if she was taking mental notes of his flawless features and tiny, but mighty personality so that she won’t ever forget him in that moment. His perfect button nose. His calm demeanor. His full head of thick, gorgeous hair. And the SWEETEST little smirk painted across his face as he looked back at her. A moment so pure. It was a moment every parent could only dream of catching on camera. And Little Man was showing off right on cue. 

You know that feeling you get when you see your favorite person? You feel light and happy. Like all your problems just vanish at that moment. That all you can manage to do is smile. This is exactly how this tender moment played out. Baby Boy realized where he was. It took him a second to recognize her. And that was the moment that he gazed lovingly back at his Mom and tugged at her heart strings with a handsome smile. She wasn’t even making any silly faces or trying to make him giggle. He just knows that he is safe and loved by her and Dad. And they love him just as much, if not more. Okay, okay… maybe you're questioning how we can create a narrative out of a smiley baby. Well, it’s more than that for us. We’ve known Mom and Dad for such a long time now. We’ve been a part of so many beautiful milestones and moments (which makes us emotional thinking about. We are SO lucky! Just look at the sweet moments we captured during their maternity session). So we can confidently say that we know how much love they have in their hearts. We know that they don’t take things too seriously and that they are so fun to be around. We know how utterly excited they were to bring this precious, smiley baby into the world. And we know what amazing parents they are. So it’s truly no surprise to us that a simple embrace from a doting Mom brought out such pure happiness. 

Aoyagi Fam, writing these posts have become both easier and harder for us. They are easier because we somehow manage to love each memory with you more than the last. Yet they are harder for the same reasons. Our words have started to fail us and we find our love and joy of working with you leaving us speechless! That’s a pretty amazing problem for us to have. We are so blessed to share so many memories with you and to have you as friends! We have loved watching you grow as a couple and are so excited to see where this new chapter of parenthood will take you! Currently signing off with the biggest smiles on our faces thanks to Little Man!