There they were sitting on the pier at North Avenue Beach. They were cuddled close. His arms were wrapped around her and hers pulled him closer. Their white, blue, and gray outfits complemented the skyline perfectly. It was a gloomier day with a chance of rain, but no one noticed. April & Alex’s smiles were all that we needed. Especially because when they looked into each other’s eyes, those smiles were as bright as the sun on a cloudless day. And then we saw it. It was a picture perfect “model” moment. We do this at every session because we are just truly blessed with the most photogenic clients. And it was officially April and Alex’s time to shine and embrace their inner models. We told them to give us a serious look. A smize if you will. And that’s when they broke character. They both started contagiously laughing and apologizing because they can’t keep a serious face. Alex threw his head back and continued to laugh as April giggled next to him. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better response! 

Not being able to keep a straight face was perfect. Don’t get us wrong, they eventually got it and absolutely nailed it like we knew their inner models would, but, we love that they can’t not smile. It’s a trait we absolutely adore. Especially because of how much they smile when they are around each other and their pup, Lilah. They are so genuinely happy together and so incredibly in love. You kind of get lost just admiring them together. That model moment just goes to show you that beyond their relationship, they are both happy, lovable, and friendly people. Definitely the type of people you want to be around all the time. Their laughter is contagious! Their thrill for adventure and new places is exciting. Their love for their furbaby is heartwarming. Their love story is filled with epic romantic gestures and so many sweet moments that you’d think it was straight out of a romance novel. Do you get the gist of how pleasant April and Alex are? Because we can keep going if you don’t see it yet! 

April and Alex, thank you! Thank you for trusting us with your precious moments. Your love story is one that we could listen to over and over again, especially because seeing you two together in real life melts our hearts! We had so much fun spending the evening giggling and smiling with you. You have created a beautiful life together thus far (we cannot imagine Lilah not being a part of your family. She definitely stole the show!) and we cannot wait to see how much better it gets for you as Mr. & Mrs. So, cheers to you! We are impatiently counting down the days until June!