We were immersed in tales of art and history. We were walking through the halls of The Chicago Cultural Center and the soft echo of our footsteps filled the air. It was like a symphony of moments shared in friendship and joy. And, the rhythmic tip, tap, tip, tap of Averey’s heels caught my attention. Her steps were graceful as the three of us continued on chatting about everything under the sun. But, I couldn't help but check in with her. “Are your feet hurting you?” I asked, genuinely concerned. She flashed me a warm smile. Before she could answer, Alfonso, the quick-witted joker, chimed in, “Oh no, I’m great, thanks for asking!” His face lit up with a triumphant grin, clearly proud of his playful one-liner. Averey and I couldn't contain our laughter and the hallway seemed to echo back our joy. The sound of our giggles added another layer of life to the already vibrant surroundings. Averey teased Alfonso right back, reminding him with a cheeky grin that not everything revolved around him. And we continued on our walk with the biggest smiles on our faces.

It was a small, spontaneous moment. But if you ask me, it captured the essence of being around Averey and Alfonso perfectly. These two are a constant source of light and laughter. Their smiles are infectious, their jokes are ever-flowing, and their spirits are undeniably free. They embody the joy of living in the moment and cherishing each other’s company. And it shows because all they do is smile when they're together. Averey's laugh is one of the cutest I've heard in a while, which is why I think Alfonso is so funny. He must love hearing that sound too. I swear even from my very first phone call with Averey, I knew there was something special with these two. Our entire session was spent chatting about everything life has to offer, cracking jokes, and making memories. I truly felt like I was with two of my best friends and we were just hanging out like old times. That's how loving and welcoming Averey and Alfonso are. Not to mention easygoing. This playful exchange amidst the beauty of the Cultural Center was just one of many wonderful memories from that day, but it stands out to me as a perfect snapshot of who they are. Their relationship is a delightful reminder that life doesn't always have to be taken so seriously. There’s always room for a good laugh, a witty remark, and the simple pleasures of each other’s company. Watching them interact is like witnessing a dance of humor and love. A dance that brightens even the most ordinary of moments.

So, Averey and Alfonso, thank you for the sweet memories and happy moments. Thank you for choosing and trusting me with your love story. And thank you for simply being you. I hope you know that your lightheartedness and affectionate banter make every day a bit more joyous. And I pray that I can find inspiration in your carefree spirits and remember to embrace the lighter side of life, where laughter echoes and love flourishes. Cheers to you! See you in T-minus 25 days... but who's counting?! #averey&alfogethitched