Chicago’s skyline was calling our names. It was standing as beautiful as ever even though some of the buildings were covered by the clouds. We were making our way down the steps to the lakefront trail. Did we mention that it was a lovely EIGHTY degrees in the middle of September? No complaints here. So obviously we had to be right next to the water to soak in this little win for such a perfect evening. We were just about to start and then Bridget heard her name…”OMG, Bridget?!” She looked past us with the biggest smile on her face as she recognized the familiar voice that called out to her. A friend from college — and just so you know, Bridget didn’t attend college in Chicago or Illinois so what are the odds that she would run into someone from there in one of the busiest spots of Chicago! She chatted with her friend for a few minutes after proudly introducing her to Brad. And let us not forget to mention that her smile grew even bigger as she did so. We could watch these two gush over one another all day as if we’re watching our favorite movie. SO sweet! 

We know, we know… Emily, Lexi, this story isn't even about their session. Well first things first, there were SO many sweet moments during their session that we just couldn’t pick one so we figured we’d let their photos do the storytelling. And secondly, this moment is pretty important if you ask us. Like the excitement in her friend’s voice when she saw her was everything. It is the perfect depiction of who Bridget and Brad are. They are extremely personable and friendly. Their kind hearts literally just take hold of you and make you feel incredibly welcome when you are around them. They are the type of people who bring a calming presence to any situation and in the same breath make you effortlessly giggle and laugh. These two are easily two people you want in your corner. We can confidently say all of this because we’ve witnessed their love and affection for others while celebrating their loved ones on a handful of occasions. And now it’s their turn! Which makes us so happy (even happier because we were there to witness the moment that started their forever! Click here to revisit their proposal). Bridget and Brad are just so perfect together. They make each other laugh and smile endlessly. They don’t seem to take life too seriously as they are constantly joking with one another. It’s cheesy of us to say, but these two are the best of friends. And we love that! Their compassion for one another is breathtaking. You can literally feel the love that they have for each other. We just hope that our photos did these two justice, because they are truly a sight to see! 

Bridget and Brad, thank you endlessly for your kind hearts and your trust in us to capture your love and special moments. We cannot express enough how much we adore you. And how your love for one another makes our hearts so full!  It has been such an honor to be a part of this magical love story of yours. We cannot wait for your big day! See you at the altar soon.