Imagine this… you have the chance to move somewhere new just for the summertime, would you? Where would you go? That’s exactly what Carley and Cristian did. They decided to pack up and move to Austin, TX for the summer months. Umm how cool is that?! And what better way to document this little adventure of theirs than with a photo session! We are here for that. At their session the sun was shining and it was hot out (hello Texas heat) but there was a nice breeze coming through which was such a little blessing. The creek was almost dried up, showcasing all the rocks, with little bits of water to play in. But really, none of that mattered because all we could focus on was Carley and Cris’ love. You know that one couple that when you look at them you can just tell how in love they are? That was how we felt with these two. The way they looked into each other’s eyes, constantly made each other smile and giggle, were so comfortable with one another, it was magical to watch. 

Honestly this is all a perfect depiction of Carley and Cris’ relationship. They have that up for anything attitude. They are always ready for the next adventure, whatever it may be because as long as they are together, they are happy. And that is a pretty amazing thing! It’s undeniable how much they care for one another and love spending time together. They can’t help but showcase their love. As they should!! They are seriously so cute and perfect together. True soulmates. 

Carley and Cris, thank you for trusting us to capture your love in Austin. We feel so honored to have documented that for you. You both are so sweet and such a joy to be around. You can model for us anytime! We wish you nothing but the best as you move back home and for all that is to come. Can’t wait for you to visit Texas again!