Carli reached out to us to photograph her wedding because a previous client of ours referred her to us. This always means the world to us because word of mouth is so powerful and we feel so blessed to know that our clients are happy enough to spread the word. This was a unique engagement session because Carli and Anthony wanted to include their two boys in the photos. Can you believe they’ve never taken family photos before?! We are incredibly happy that has changed. If they hadn’t told us that we would have never known because those boys were so photogenic and listened so well! They even showed us their best dance moves. Especially for Lexi since she is a mom, it was so sweet to see the four of them interact with each other. It’s clear how much Carli and Anthony love those boys. It’s also very clear how much Carli and Anthony adore each other. One specific moment that stood out to us was when we asked Carli if she has a favorite side to face in pictures, and without hesitation, Anthony said “every side is her good side.” Like OMG are you serious?! So cute! Their wedding is coming up quickly and we know it will be so much fun and full of love. We are so excited, especially because their wedding will be at a vineyard. Cue the heart eyes 😍. See you soon Carli and Anthony!