The sun was shining bright. The trees and water were glowing with light at San Gabriel Park. It was a beautiful, breezy Texas day. Honestly, the weather was perfect for a January afternoon. We were spending our time with a wonderful family of three. Smiling, playing, having a good time. After a few minutes passed, little Miss Independent decided she was done with our session! Being her confident self, she headed straight towards the park. The obvious choice for a toddler. In her blue jeans and monogrammed vest, she marched away, occasionally looking over her shoulder to wave and say bye to her parents. She was determined to make it to the playground, even if it meant going solo. We couldn’t help but laugh at her boldness. It was seriously the cutest! Mom and Dad did so great at allowing their daughter to alternate between exploring and smiling for photos. It’s hard work for a toddler to sit still and smile for a camera when they are at an exciting location! So as the littles explore, we take candid photos of just that: them exploring and playing. We walk away with great memories, great photos, and a happy toddler.

This moment from the Conner’s family session was one of our favorite memories. We loved their laid back attitude that allowed their sweet little girl to play when she needed to. Toddlers are unpredictable on photo shoot day. Trust us, we get it! This moment showed us how great of parents they are to their sweet little girl. Mom and Dad allowed her to feel a sense of independence while still following the directions of her parents. With little kiddos like this one, we let them lead the session! She wanted to move around, so that’s what we did. We even got to enjoy throwing leaves into the air! That was a big hit. Let this family be your reminder that it’s okay if your family session isn’t “picture perfect” at every moment. That is a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your littles! We take breaks when we need to because it allows for us to get those classic smiling-at-the-camera photos too. It really is a win-win for everyone.

Conner family, thank you for having fun with us on your Sunday afternoon! We absolutely loved watching baby girl’s personality shine through. She really is a star! You three are the sweetest family and so fun to be around. We will hang out with you anytime. :) We can’t wait to watch Little Miss grow into the strong, smart, independent girl she is destined to be! And of course have two of the biggest cheerleaders as parents by her side. We appreciate y’all!