The day felt a bit gloomy. Gray clouds filled the sky and left a chill in the air. It was one of those days that the sun doesn't even try to make an appearance. But honestly, none of that mattered. Because I felt the love and warmth hit me the moment David greeted me at the door with his sweet baby boy cuddled in his arms. Their home was so cozy. It was welcoming. And it was the perfect setting to celebrate their bundle of joy. They would and probably will argue with me that it was far from it because they were still moving in. But Megan and David have so much love to give, it was written all over their home. And because of that, the was day filled with such tender moments and heartfelt joy. I can write a novel about how many sweet moments we encountered during their session. Like how David's first-time parent nerves kicked in when he noticed baby boy's purple feet, only to be calmed by the nurse in Megan that everything is okay. Or how Megan was obsessing over every tiny feature of her precious babe, unable to get enough of his perfect little details. And how baby boy felt so safe and cozy with his mom and dad that he slept through the entire session, exuding a peacefulness that was truly heartwarming. But there was one moment that has been echoing in my heart ever since. And it happened once I put my camera away.

Megan and David gave me a tour of their new home, sharing sweet stories and future renovation ideas about each spot. I felt like part of the family as they walked me through their space, filled with love and new memories. I say that very confidently because honestly, Megan and David have always made me feel like a part of their family. They're just such remarkable people. They have such kind, genuine demeanors and they just spread so much love and joy to everyone around them. We made it to the dining room. It was one of the few rooms that they said was almost complete. Except for the gallery wall waiting to be decorated. David, with a proud grin, pointed to the wall and confidently told me that frames would soon be filled with photos of baby boy from the session we had just completed. Wow. That was a deeply rewarding moment. And I'm not sure that I did a very good job at hiding my excitement and awe. To have someone express such anticipation and appreciation for the photos we created together is like music to my ears. And knowing that the images I capture will become cherished keepsakes in such a loving home made me feel incredibly appreciated and loved. Again, that's a funny statement considering that I'm talking about Megan and David. But, I guess it's one of those things like, I didn't know they could make me feel any more loved than they already have! Especially after the sweet moment I shared with them during their maternity session in regards to baby boy's name and how they have a level of trust in me that left me speechless! This brief moment was a testament to the profound impact of printed photos and the importance of preserving our memories through them. They are not just images; they are tangible pieces of our lives. They are reminders of the love and joy that fill our days. And let me tell you, that Megan and David's life together is delightfully joyful and oh so ever picturesque.

Megan and David, there are moments in life that stay with you forever, and photographing your beautiful story over the years are some of those moments for me. Your love and warmth make even the cloudy days bright and seeing your life continue to blossom fills my heart with so much joy. So thank you for letting me capture it all. Thank you for your overwhelming kindness and friendship filled with so much love. Thank you for the tiny moments we've shared, like the one in your dining room, because you remind me that while I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of your lives through photography, I also hold a tiny, tangible spot in your beautiful home. That is something I will forever be grateful for.