The sun was beaming through the sliding glass door. The room was quiet and warm. With our heater on, it was the coziest place to be. Heck, if we weren’t working, we could have laid down on our set and taken a nap! It was just that perfect. And then they handed her to us. The little squish of a baby girl with cheeks to spare. Her plump lips were set in a permanent pout. And her dark brown hair was the perfect compliment to the sage green accessories we were using for her. We were in love with every tiny feature of this precious baby girl. And we couldn’t wait to love on her for the duration of her session. And then her pout turned into crocodile tears. And over time her crocodile tears turned into a cry only Mama could console. And her solo portraits came to an end. Don’t worry, we still think she’s perfect in every way.

Yes, you read that correctly. Little miss wanted nothing to do with being photographed solo. All she wanted was the comfort of Mom and Dad. And you know what? We don’t blame her one bit! All she knew up until that point was the love and safety she felt with her parents. We know you know that feeling. When you find your safety net and nothing else in the world matters as long as you're with that person. We sure have one of those! And let us tell you, that Mom and Dad have so much love for that little girl. It’s infectious. So much so that we think that’s another reason that the room was so cozy and warm. Their love for her poured into the space and helped make it such a relaxing environment. So it makes sense that she would instantly calm down when she was in either of their arms. Which was perfect because we captured so many sweet moments that way! Our second theory is that baby girl probably had major FOMO of being away from Mom and Dad because they are such chill and lively people. If you don’t remember who we are talking about, you might want to check out their maternity session. The fun times and giggles were endless. Simply because that’s just who they are. And they say that babies can sense our emotions or vibes. Like if someone is anxious about holding them, they might find it hard to settle down and feel comforted. So we’re sticking with the story that baby girl vibed with her parents' radiant happiness and decided that the only place she wanted to be was with them. And we’re here for that kind of love. 

Darling Fam, whatever the reason may be, we are so incredibly grateful to have captured baby girl’s first moments. So, thank you! We are just as obsessed with her as we are you two. Such a perfect little family with the biggest hearts and lots of love to give. We know she didn’t warm up to us during this session, but we sure hope that we can be great friends when little miss is older!