Social media surprises us every single day, and it’s crazy to think about the connections we are able to make. Just this past year, Emily started her journey with faith and followed a Christian podcast out of the blue. Before we knew it, one of the co-hosts of that podcast had gotten engaged and we congratulated her on Instagram, and the rest is history. That is how we officially met Elizabeth and Matt. We are so happy because they are definitely people that you want to have around. They are both so sweet and easy to talk to, so it comes to no surprise that we had SO much fun during their engagement session. 

Their love story is one for the books. While Elizabeth and Matt officially met online, their paths actually crossed multiple times before that. What a small world, especially for two people living in a big city. We think the sweetest part about their love story is that Elizabeth told us that she is so happy she waited and prayed for Mr. Right. It’s clear she thinks Matt is even better than who she was praying for. We love that she tells everyone she can to just wait and be patient. Your someone is out there! These two are the prime example of that. They are just so cute and so in love and it makes our hearts happy! 

We find that choosing a location for a session can be one of the hardest parts of planning a session. When people ask for our opinion, we recommend choosing a location that you love and/or is special to you. That is exactly what they did! We ended our session with Elizabeth and Matt at their most meaningful spots at the Adler Planetarium. They showed us the exact locations of their first date, first kiss, and where Matt proposed. How cool is it to revisit all those special places?! They even shared a few funny stories with us about their first date, so you can imagine we were giggling all night long. 

Elizabeth and Matt were destined to be together, and we truly believe that it is no coincidence that we crossed paths with them. We want to keep these two in our friendship circle forever! Their wedding is going to be such a dream and to say we are excited for it is an understatement. Cheers to you Elizabeth and Matt!