If there’s one birthday that we love, it’s a first birthday! There are so many cute themes you can choose from for a first birthday party and typically it’s the one birthday that parents go all out for. Ella’s ONEderland birthday party was no exception. Her theme was Alice in Wonderland, which is one we’ve never seen before! A theme starts with good decorations and we think they nailed it with Ella’s party. And by "they" we mean Denise Bonds with Windermere Elegant Weddings and Special Events. She was the mastermind behind this magical party, and she is the reason that we were even there! Denise reached out to us to photograph this event and we are so happy that she did because it was beautiful. You could tell how happy Ella’s parents were to finally celebrate their little girl because some of their family and friends hadn’t even met Ella yet! There were lots of smiles and hugs shared that day. Personally, we think the BEST part of any party is the cake. Ella did not seem to agree. She seemed very unsure about her cake, but to be fair, we’d much rather eat our cake than wear it too. But at the end of the day, it was such a perfect party for a pretty little girl. Happy birthday Ella!