It was a breezy Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining into their newly decorated living room. They stood together closely in the middle of the room. Their fingers intertwined. Filled with smiles and giggles as they looked into each other’s eyes. Embracing this moment. And then it began, “nyeeeerm.” Together in unison, Emily and Cyrus started making airplane noises. Before the confusion sets in, we should probably fill you in. You see, we had just prompted them to hold their arms out and sway back and forth together, like an airplane. That may sound silly, but this prompt allows for some playful movement and genuine laughs, which we are all about. And without hesitation Emily and Cyrus both made airplane flying noises as they moved their arms from side to side. At one point Emily even joked that Cyrus’ sounds sounded like a plane crashing. Not what we had in mind there! But as these two continued their airplane sound effects, they were laughing (and flying) together along the way. And you better believe we got those playful images from this moment! 

This story is the perfect depiction of Emily and Cyrus’ session, and really their relationship as a whole. They don’t take things too seriously. They like to goof around together. They constantly make each other laugh. When we think back to their session day, what we remember most is all the laughter they shared. Laughter and playfulness in a relationship is SO important! And these two are good in that department if you ask us. It was so clear to see that they are deeply in love. It was Emily and Cyrus’ first time in front of the camera together, but you would have never known because their chemistry was so natural. It made our job easy! What more can you ask for in a couple? We left this session with big smiles on our faces!

Emily and Cyrus, thank you for sharing your love with us! We appreciate your support of this little business of ours. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with you in the beautiful home you two share together. Not to mention, your adorable pup, Codak, killed it in the modeling department! Those head tilts were EVERYTHING!! But back to you two, your love is so sweet and we know you will have an amazing future together. Keep on sharing those giggles together and never stop goofing around with each other. We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!