The scene was nothing short of magical. Red and white rose petals scattered along the gazebo floor, creating a center point for the moment that was about to come. The early evening sun cast a warm, golden glow behind the pillars. It was a day filled with anticipation as we waited for the arrival of someone truly special. He kept checking his phone, waiting for any update to come through. When the time was nearing, he found his place among the petals. And there she was. Walking along the winding path of the quiet Wooldridge Square Park. Even from a distance, it was evident that tears had welled up in her eyes. He gently held her hand as she made her way up the gazebo stairs to meet him at the top. And then, the moment arrived — the moment we had all been eagerly waiting for. Cyrus opened the ring box to reveal a gorgeous, shiny ring as he got down on one knee. Emily’s radiant smile lit up the gazebo, and tears of sheer happiness streamed down her cheeks. She couldn’t contain her excitement as that ring was placed on her trembling finger. This was the moment they’d both been waiting for! We could feel the love in the air. And then, in a daze of pure joy, Emily said the best line… "I don't even know what you said," she confessed, "did I even say yes?!”

We couldn’t help but laugh because we knew exactly how Emily felt in that moment. The whirlwind of emotions – shock, excitement, and the sheer unexpectedness of it all – can make your brain momentarily forget to process everything around you. It’s the craziest thing! Don’t worry though, Emily did in fact say yes to Cyrus. Of course! After three years of shared laughter, adventures, and cherished moments, this was the moment they had been building towards. They were officially taking the next big step in their relationship. What an amazing moment! Emily and Cyrus have such a sweet love. They care so deeply for each other. This actually isn’t the first time we got to witness the love these two share. If you remember, we got to spend an afternoon with them in their beautiful home for a couples session. From the special moments we captured on that day to the sheer happiness we witnessed during their proposal, we can’t help but feel overjoyed to be a part of it. We know how happy Emily and Cyrus are to be engaged. Their happiness is contagious! Seeing their excitement in this moment was the sweetest thing to see. 

Emily and Cyrus, YOU’RE ENGAGED! Ahh, our hearts are bursting with joy for the two of you! As you begin planning your forever, we couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead. It makes us so happy to have watched you take this next step, and we feel honored to have been part of the moment. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate you!! Cheers to this new adventure of being a fiancé!