It was an exciting Saturday morning. The Austin skyline was hazy and clouds filled the sky, but the Texas heat was already in full effect. Kayakers and paddle-boarders drifted along the lake to stay cool. The heat wasn’t going to stop us today, though. You see, we were waiting in the perfect spot at Lou Neff Point for a surprise proposal. We couldn’t contain our excitement! And before we knew it, our couple stood in front of us. The skyline and water shimmering behind them as we hid behind our cameras, waiting for THE moment. Josh took Emily’s hands, and quietly spoke to her. We couldn’t hear what he was saying, but we can only imagine it was the perfect way to start off his proposal. And then it happened… Josh got down on one knee as he presented a beautiful engagement ring to Emily. Instantly Emily covered her face and squealed in excitement. We couldn’t contain our own smiles as we watched her reaction. She was SHOCKED at what was happening! She turned back towards Josh, covered her face again, and then threw her hands out and said “YES!”. We got butterflies just watching this beautiful moment unfold in front of us! After about a minute or so, we went up to Josh and Emily and officially introduced ourselves and why we were really there. As we started taking portraits of them together, now with that shiny, new bling on full display, Emily couldn’t contain her excitement and happiness. She kept looking up at Josh with the biggest smile on her face. She even said, “I’m shaking, is this real?!” multiple times. 

We loved seeing how happy Emily and Josh were in this moment. Well actually, their joyfulness didn’t stop the whole time we were together. Of course Emily was still processing everything that happened, but we could just tell that’s how their relationship always is. There’s never a dull moment with these two. They are playful and goofy. They make each other laugh. They are so happy and in love. It was so easy to work with them because they were just being themselves. Josh knew exactly what to do to make Emily laugh and Emily couldn’t help but look at Josh with love in her eyes. When we were talking with Josh before the proposal he even told us, “I have no idea how I snatched her up!”. Like what?! How sweet is that? Dream couple right here!! Throughout our time together, Emily still couldn’t believe what just happened, and seeing her shocked, excited, and happy was so fun to see. And Josh just had a big smile on his face the whole time knowing how happy his new fiancé was. We know these two are going to share a beautiful life together! 

Emily and Josh, wow what a weekend you had! We feel so blessed to have been part of such a special moment in your relationship. We have to give a little shout out to Josh for planning the PERFECT proposal in a completely different state!! These two were visiting Austin for the weekend and if you ask us, we think it was the perfect way to celebrate this little vacation. So to you Josh, thank you for trusting us with your big moment. You two are the sweetest couple and we had so much fun with you. Thank you for sweating in the lovely Texas heat with us to capture this exciting time! We can’t wait to see you build a beautiful life together as HUSBAND AND WIFE!