A message from Lexi to her daughter:

Oh my sweet Emmy Girl. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that you are already a year old. I feel like it was just yesterday your daddy and me were walking into the hospital so eager to meet you. 

You are the most precious little girl. You love being silly and giving the biggest smiles. Besides being in my arms, you can never get enough of your big sissy. You are already a troublemaker and keep me on my toes. You always make me laugh with your loud noises, morning chit chats, and crazy rocking to any music you hear. 

I will never ever forget the day we brought you home and you made us a family of four. You are such a gift. I could stare in those big eyes and look at those chubby cheeks of yours all day long! Thank you for making me a girl mama x2 baby girl. Happy first birthday, Emmy James. We love you with all our heart!! 

ps. This was Emily and my's last official session together while I still lived in IL, and the fact that we ended with my baby girl's birthday shoot, in my home for one last time, was just simply amazing. Back when we first started Love Elle we took my first daughter's newborn photos in that same home. What a full circle! I'm not crying or anything...