It was a perfect day. The sunshine was pouring through the big windows, lighting up their beautiful white kitchen. It was such a warm, inviting space. Baking ingredients and utensils were spread out across the kitchen counter. We were making muffins! At the end of the island stood Mom, Dad, and their sweet little girl. Mom was meticulously measuring each ingredient while helping her daughter pour them into the mixing bowl. And then, it was finally time for little one’s favorite part: cracking the egg. She kept saying “huevos, huevos!” with a smile on her face because that’s her favorite part of baking, of course. Mom stood behind her to help hold the egg while they cracked it together. Someone may have squeezed the egg a little too hard because all of a sudden...plop. The gooey egg yolk fell right onto the counter along with the broken shell pieces. We all just laughed. It’s bound to happen when baking with a toddler, right? Lucky for little miss, she got to crack a second egg since the first one didn’t turn out so well. And don’t worry, she cracked that second one perfectly into the bowl. She was so happy! 

This exact moment was the perfect way to describe Mom and Dad’s parenting style. It’s important to them for their daughter to be involved in the kitchen and in all aspects of cooking. They would teach her the names of the ingredients, have her smell them, and help mix them all together. Since Mom and Dad love cooking, they want their daughter to share that same love. And it’s working! Even if cooking with a toddler means getting a little messy (just like the story above). Such a great way to spend quality family time together while also being great teaching moments. We love that!! Sweet girl even has her own little play kitchen next to the island with a functional sink for her to wash her hands and fruits and veggies! How cool is that?! 

Garcia family, thank you for inviting us into your home to capture your sweet family. It’s clear to see how great of parents you are and how much that sweet girl of yours loves you so much! We loved watching you three interact with one another and create memories together. And make delicious muffins! We already know baby #2 is going to make the perfect addition to your family. There will be another little set of hands helping in the kitchen in no time. We can’t wait to see you as a family of four!