The sun was peeking through the stained glass windows. The room was quiet. Greater Chicago Church felt homey and warm. The room was filled with so much love and happiness. All eyes were on them. Germaine and Harry were facing each other. They were stealing glances at one another. When they would catch the other’s eye, they would smile so big that our hearts melted into big puddles watching them. Germaine had the microphone. She held her dainty, white vow book in her hands. And with the sweetest giggle she began professing her love and commitment to Harry. Through a handful of pauses and some deep breaths as she held back her tears she vowed to love Harry for the rest of forever. And then we saw it. Harry wiped away a tear. Of course this wasn’t a sad tear, but a happy one. A heartwarming tear. A tear caused by the love he felt from Germaine in that moment. It was beautiful. It was surely an exchange of vows to remember.

Vows are special. They are sentimental. They are passionate and powerful. So it’s no surprise that this moment was so endearing. As a matter of fact, Germaine and Harry’s love for one another is all of those things and more. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in their admiration for one another as a witness to it all. We learned this very quickly during their engagement session earlier this year. Don’t you remember when we gushed over how affectionate and romantic they were being the whole time?! Just for Germaine to tell us that that’s literally how they are on any given day. Okay, brb crying because we’re still not over it! In case you’re wondering, that was still the case on their wedding day too. These two are so comfortable with one another. They love everything about the other person. When Germaine and Harry look at each other it’s as if sparks fly and their hearts could beat out of their chests. The emotions they expressed while reading their vows are perfect. It shows their soft, mushy sides. And it shows how passionately they love one another. We don’t remember their vows word for word, but we have a pretty good feeling that these two will be this way towards one another forever. Man, these two are perfect. Perfect for each other, and perfect together!

Germaine and Harry, we know we already told you this but wow, we are so grateful that you chose us. You are truly the perfect addition to our Love Elle family and we cannot imagine missing out on your beautiful love story! We love how you continuously smile around each other. We love how big your hearts are for not only one another but all of your loved ones. We love your ability to be silly with one another. And we just simply love you and your relationship! We are so glad that #HarryCaughtGerms so many years ago. Cheers to two amazing people spending the rest of their lives together! 



Church: Greater Chicago Church

Venue: New Furama

Getting Ready Location: Palmer House

Photo Location: Ping Tom Memorial Park

Officiant: Stuart Fisher

DJ: Remix Entertainment

HMU: Glam by Furrnee

Wedding Dress: Diana's Bridal

Rings: Blue Nile

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Wedding Cake: Bittersweet