Picture this… your hidden wedding board on Pinterest is finally becoming your reality. If you’re anything like us it’s been accumulating your dream day since high school. All your inspo is coming together. Wedding colors, floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, hairstyles and so much more. And then you find it. Your DREAM venue. It’s a newer space with a breathtaking view of Delavan Lake. You can picture yourself getting dolled up in the beautiful bridal suite only to walk out onto the private balcony overlooking the water. Then the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives. You get to see your soon-to-be husband. We wish we could take credit for this story, but it belongs to these high school sweethearts. Two crazy-in-love people ready to spend forever together and celebrate on their wedding day.

Did you feel the excitement and butterflies too? Whenever we think of Haley and Jacob’s story, that’s how we feel. Especially when we hear Haley talk about wedding planning. Her smile is so effortless when gushing about Jacob and their future together. She is energetic and bubbly. It’s hard not to match her excitement! Don’t be fooled, this isn’t only about Haley. Jacob isn’t a man of many words, but we can easily tell how much love he has for her. He is more reserved than Haley. But when he is with her he radiates happiness. We think that these two found their perfect match in each other. Isn’t there a saying that says opposites attract? Haley and Jacob are the prime example of that. Their personalities may be different, but they balance each other well. And not to mention they are extremely easy-going. 

Haley and Jacob, we adore you two! It’s always such a joy to connect with you. We love keeping up with your wedding planning on social media (we’re not stalking you we promise). We’re just SO excited to see your vision come to life on your big day. Your engagement session was the perfect taste of all the fun we will have together in September. It will be here before we know it. So let’s start the official countdown together!