The sun was shining but the wind was blowing. The temperature dropped down low. The Hellstrom family was dressed in their best, standing in a glowing field at The Glen. Little man seemed very confused about this whole ordeal, wondering why Mom took him out of the warm car. He wasn’t too sure about the camera pointed in his direction, or the crazy lady behind it trying to get him to crack a smile. But then something magical happened. Baby boy’s eyes met his Mom’s and Dad’s, and there it was. The biggest smile. Nothing else matters when you have Mom and Dad by your side. It just warms your heart even on the coldest of days. 

When we photograph our Love Elle families, do we want the littles to be smiling in all the photos? Of course we try! But that’s not always realistic. And that’s okay. Because seeing little man’s face when he looked at his parents made this session even more special. These precious moments showed us just how amazing and attentive these two are as parents. This boy is clearly so loved. He lights up when he interacts with his parents, and let’s be real, Mom and Dad light up when they look at their adorable baby boy too. Those are the moments we never want you to forget. 

Hellstrom Family, thank you for braving the cold, windy weather with us to document your growing family. We loved capturing your first official photos as a family of three (plus two dogs). From your lovely, intimate wedding day to seeing you hold your beautiful baby boy, there’s really nothing quite like that. We feel so honored to be a part of these special moments in our clients’ lives. You two are the best parents and we know baby boy is going to know just how loved he is. We can’t wait to follow along on this new journey of parenthood for you!