We were so excited for this session because we worked with this family when they were a family of four. And now they have welcomed baby number three! While newborn sessions aren’t new to us, this one was a bit unique because we took a more lifestyle approach. Mom wanted photos of her two older kids with baby, so we decided to photograph them in the comfort of their own home. We had them cuddle up on their big couch and show baby sister some lovin’ and it did not disappoint. It was tugging at our heartstrings watching her big sister and big brother interact with her. They were so sweet and gentle and super excited to have their photos taken. With everything going on, we had to delay this session which meant that baby girl was older than our typical newborn age. We’re not going to lie, we were a bit worried that she wouldn’t cooperate during the newborn set, but we were thrilled because she nailed it! It took a little extra milk and lots of cuddles to get her back to sleep but once she was comfy, she was a dream to work with. She even graced us with some smiles during the session after waking up from her little nap. Such a happy, beautiful baby and we can’t wait to work with this family in the future!