Ready…?! One, two, three! And up in the air baby boy Jensen flew. Dad caught him and continued to toss him in the air as Mom stood next to them with the biggest, happiest smile on her face. Little man’s carefree giggle and his tiny, two-teeth grin were enough to have this moment on repeat for the entire session. If he could talk, we are certain “again!” would have been his favorite word of the moment. But the Jensen family is too beautiful a bunch to showcase their love in just one pose. So we moved along, admiring the beauty that Fall was displaying at Vernon Hills Arbortheater and praying for more giggly smiles to match the warmth of the leaves. It was so perfect and such a good time. 

We love the lighthearted picture that this moment paints about the Jensen’s and their session. Because in a nutshell, it delightfully captures who they are. Happy. Full of joy. Overflowing with love for one another. Warm and welcoming. They are seriously so fun to be around. Little Man can have quite the serious look about him when he’s not sure about something, but when he starts giggling, it’s game over. Mom and Dad will do anything to see his little smile. Don’t you remember during his newborn session when he looked right up at his Mom and smiled?! You should refresh your memory because it’ll bring a smile to your face and even potentially melt your heart. Which is a guarantee because we are always smiling around these three! They love to love on him even when he’s not interested in such a heartwarming display of affection. And they know that he is the boss. Which makes us giggle because Little Man definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. He knows he’s cute and definitely uses that to his advantage. We love it and hope he forever stays that way because that type of confidence is hard to find! He is perfect. Which makes sense because his parents are pretty perfect too! 

We can gush about the Jensens all day long because that’s just how much we adore them. But we’ll leave you with this, Jensen Fam, thank you! Thank you for effortlessly putting smiles on OUR faces by just being you. Thank you for letting us create beautiful memories of your sweet family. From photographing your maternity session to helping you celebrate Little Man’s 1st birthday, it has been such an honor to be a part of it all. We hope your smiles never leave your faces and that your love for one another grows endlessly. Here’s to you and your beautiful family!