The sun was shining through the large window into their beautiful home. The room was peaceful and cozy as soft music played in the background. It was such a warm and inviting space. Logan was sitting on the couch while Katie sat on the floor in front of him. His arms were wrapped around her, holding her tight, and their fingers were intertwined together. We prompted them to start rocking back and forth. Logan then began to just rock Katie quickly side to side. Not really the intimate moment we had in mind, but this caused her (well all of us, really) to laugh out loud. Now to Logan’s defense, he did do what we said, just not exactly in the way we had in mind. But once the giggles were done, magic happened. Katie and Logan found their groove. With their eyes closed, they held on closely to each other and started to sway as one. They rocked back and forth, back and forth. It was as if time stood still. Two people, madly in love, taking in this moment together. What better place to be than in the arms of your significant other in the comfort of your own living room. Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask us. 

For Katie and Logan, it was these little moments that spoke volumes during their session. They were a quieter couple. A bit camera shy at first since they had never been in front of a camera before (although we would have never guessed that if you asked us!). But none of that mattered. It was their obvious love for one another that was clear as day. We really couldn’t ask for anything more than true love! The way they looked into each other’s eyes or how they held onto each other, these two are so in love. They were such naturals in front of the camera because all they had to do was be themselves. The moment mentioned in the last paragraph was how the whole session felt. Peaceful. Loving. Intimate. Cozy. It was quite beautiful to watch.

Katie and Logan, thank you for spending your afternoon with us and inviting us into your home. You two are perfect for each other and have created such a beautiful life together. We know you will both do amazing things in the years to come. We can’t wait to see what is in store for you!