We cannot believe she is finally here! Emmy James made her debut on March 18th and she is so loved already. We’re not going to lie, we’re those crazy Mom photographers who planned her newborn session before she was even born. All the details were set, so once she was born we got straight to work. Her session was a dream, and we’re not just saying that because she’s Lexi’s daughter. Emmy was so sleepy and so easy to work with. Which we laugh about because she was the complete opposite of her big sister, Leila, when we photographed her newborn session. Leila’s session is the one we use as an example when parents apologize for a crying baby. Don't worry though, we still love her and her photos though! ;) Lexi’s vision for Emmy’s photos included a beautiful pale blue that we’ve never used for a baby girl before. It’s safe to say we are obsessed with all the new accessories we got, like the gorgeous headbands from Birdie Baby Boutique. We couldn’t complete her session without incorporating the whole family. It is so bittersweet to see the comparison between Leila’s and Emmy’s photos. We even recreated some of Lexi’s favorite photos she has with baby Leila, and they melt our hearts (see the comparisons at the end of this blog post!). It comes as no surprise, considering how her newborn session went, but little miss Leila, had plans of her own during this session. We bribed her with ALL of the chocolate chips and only got a few real smiles. So, what we’re trying to say is, even a photographer’s toddler is not picture perfect, and that’s okay because that is just the stage of life they are in. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we LOVE how this session turned out.

Comparison of: Lexi & Leila - 2018 vs. Lexi & Emmy - 2021