Wow, 2020 what a year so far. There have been so many ups and downs and a lot of unknowns these past few months, but we have been trying to stay positive for our clients. Our hearts go out to all of our clients who have been affected. Especially, our Love Elle Seniors whose school year got cut short. Senior year is the most magical time for a high schooler because there are so many things to look forward to like prom and graduation. Kylie and Caleb were unable to celebrate at prom, but we weren’t going to let them miss this milestone entirely. We convinced them to dress up, even though Kylie did not have a prom dress, and we had a prom photoshoot. We were not disappointed by the outcome and we wish we had this photo opportunity with our high school sweethearts. Kylie and Caleb share such an innocent love. We adored how cute they were together the whole time. We were kind of obsessed with them and their relationship, so we planned a second look for them, and we are so happy that we did. We hope they love their photos as much as we do and that we were able to make this experience just as memorable as prom would have been!