It was the dead of winter. We just had a snow storm. It was cold. The sky looked a bit ominous. As if it could shower us with a few more inches of snow at any moment. But the green from the pine trees gave us a little taste of Spring. Her emerald green velvet dress and his brown sweater were complemented perfectly by the snow and trees. In the distance you could hear the commotion and laughter from families sledding. The occasional crunch of snow beneath boots echoed through the garden. But Lauren and Shane didn’t seem bothered. The cold made them cuddle closer. And their joy in celebrating their beautiful blessing seemed to keep them warm. Their happiness was so radiant that we could swear the snow was starting to melt! And at that moment, it was just the two of them. 

Embracing each other tight and stealing kisses to keep warm, we asked them who they hoped their baby girl would look like. Without any hesitation, they both replied with the other’s name! Can you imagine….? Being so undoubtedly, head-over-heels in love with someone that you want nothing more than to have little versions of that person?! It was such a beautiful moment to witness. Both Lauren and Shane had the biggest smiles on their faces. Their eyes were locked on each other in admiration. Their love for one another was very clear. Their love is passionate. Their love is strong. And these two are easily two of the happiest people we know. Not even a snow storm could have stopped them from celebrating their little blessing and showing one another how much they love each other. It’s not everyday that you willingly get us to hang out in the cold, but we’d do it all over again with Lauren and Shane. That’s just how simply amazing it is to be around these two. 

Lauren and Shane, we know we are overdue with this blog post, because if we had to guess you are probably currently cuddling her close in the same way you two were embracing each other during your maternity session. Either way, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special time. You made our jobs so easy and were truly such a joy to work with. Your smiles and laughter made the cold much more bearable. We hope you never stop admiring each other and always keep each other warm when you hang out in the snow! Here’s to you and your beautiful family! 

P.S. We’re dying to know, who do you think baby girl ended up looking like?!