There she was. Surrounded by dainty, boho decor. The hints of green and the baby’s breath were the perfect accessories for this special occasion. She looked like a real life princess. Dressed in the prettiest, most darling pink dress. Floral bow in hair. And a few small, shy smiles on her face. Baby girl was ready to eat some cake. It was after all the beginning of her first birthday celebrations. And then she went for it. All eyes were on her in anticipation. Was she going to eat her little heart out and enjoy her birthday cake?! The answer was yes. Baby girl approved of her cake and ate it quite gracefully too! One small scoop of whipped cream and one tiny bite at a time. It was adorable. And then she dropped her hands. She held them in her lap as if she was contemplating something important. She looked at Mom. She glanced at Dad. Looked down at her hands and gathered some of her dress. She wiped her cream-covered fingers on the tulle and went back for some more. We all couldn’t help but giggle watching her!

Baby girl is such a little lady with perfect table manners. She also has quite the funny personality. What made her decide that she had to clean her hands before eating more cake is beyond all of us, but it was the perfect moment. She is so smart and so curious! Mom was a bit worried because she said that baby girl doesn’t typically smile for photos, but wow she gave us some of her best facial expressions during her session. And we know for a fact some of her smiles weren’t even because of her cake. Although, it was obvious that she was the happiest while she was eating. Which, you go girl! She already has great taste and maybe a little sweet tooth (sorry Mom & Dad!). 

Loera Family, thank you so much for letting us celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday with you. She is absolutely precious inside and out! She has the sweetest little laugh and some of the best dance moves. We could watch her groove about and eat cake all day long. She’s just that cute! We hope you have the best time celebrating her and cannot wait to see her little personality grow in the coming years. Cheers to ONE baby girl!