We love fall family sessions, and we love them even more when our long term clients send their friends our way! That’s exactly the case with the Manion Family. The Manions are good friends of our very first clients, the Aldanas. It was super exciting for us to photograph them because any friend of the Aldanas is a friend of ours. Mom always wanted photos taken at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, so we made it happen for her. We lucked out with beautiful weather which is always a lifesaver at the gardens because there’s a lot of walking involved. Little Manion was a ball of energy the entire session. This was a good thing because he had lots of smiles and giggles to give us, but he made us work for it. The extra energy he had was spent running around looking at all the beautiful flowers and finding the best rocks! We don’t mind the extra work when we get the results that we did from their session. We captured lots of sweet moments between the three of them. We are so glad Mom’s vision came to life because everything from their outfits to the colorful scenery all came together perfectly!