There were so many giggles echoing throughout the family room. It was cozy. It was warm. Even their cat, Foxy, was watching us from afar because she knew it was the best place to be. The four of them were cuddled close on their big, comfy couch. Admiring and tickling one another. There was so much love filling the room from this sweet bunch, our hearts could hardly stand it. And then we saw it. Baby boy’s smile turned into a pout. Trust us, we get it. Turning one is hard work and being that cute is even harder! Especially with the pressure of celebrating your birthday! So we asked big brother to do what he does best. Show his little brother some extra love and get him to laugh. Big brother proudly got off the couch and started making the silliest faces. Being silly is after all part of the big brother job description! He jumped up and down, waved his hands in the air, and used all the tricks in his book to get his baby brother to crack a smile. And guess what… it worked! We hadn’t seen little man giggle so hard all morning. He just loves his big brother! 

It’s also safe to say that big brother LOVES his little brother. There’s no doubt about that. We mean, he agreed to help make his baby brother laugh without any hesitation. And he did so with all of his effort. He would do anything to see baby boy smile. Seeing these two boys together puts the biggest smiles on our faces. They interact so well together and they have such an amazing bond. Don’t you remember how excited big brother was during their newborn session? He smothered his baby brother with all the kisses and cuddles. It was the sweetest thing! We think their bond formed very early on and has only gotten stronger since then. It comes as no surprise though because the Manions are so loving and caring. They’re the “give me a big smooch” and “let’s hug it out” type of family. Mom and Dad pour all their love and affection out onto their boys. And let us tell you that they have a lot of love to give. So much so that we always feel so happy and loved when we’re around them. They’re such a joyful bunch and so down-to-earth. They’re not afraid to act a little silly yet they value all the sweet moments too. And we love how important family is to them. What more can we say? The Manions are just so delightful to be around!

Manion Fam, thank you for letting us be a part of another precious moment. Baby boy’s first birthday came and went so quickly! We loved getting to spend time with you to celebrate him and watch you four love on one another once again. It’s always so heartwarming to witness! We adore your sweet, little family and you forever have a special place in our hearts. We can’t wait to see all the adventures and loving moments you will share in the future!