She was beaming. Her smile was just as bright as the sun. She couldn’t contain her excitement. If she were an emoji, she would have permanent heart eyes. The day she had been waiting for was finally here. It was a date night of epic proportions to celebrate their engagement. We say epic because we returned back to the exact spot that David proposed to Megan. It was session day! We know what you are thinking, it’s just a forest preserve… But we have to side with Megan on this one, Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve is breathtakingly beautiful. We went from cuddling in the pampas grass with warm glowing sunshine, to walking hand in hand on the rocky shoreline at sunset. The opportunities are endless here. Megan, is there room for two more at your favorite spot?!  

It’s amazing to see what someone’s favorite place says about them. Megan and David loving Fort Sheridan tells us that they are simple, down to earth people. It was their spot before he proposed, and now it is one of the most important places to them. Megan had told us that after David proposed, all she wanted to do was stay there. She didn’t want to leave. All that mattered was being in that moment together. We think this is very telling of how happy they are together. There wasn’t a moment that passed where they didn’t have smiles on their faces. The love they have for each other could have filled the whole forest preserve. Which, in case you are wondering, that’s a lot of love. 

Megan and David, thank you for sharing not only your precious moments with us, but also the place that’s most special to you. This warms our hearts because it’s not every day that someone shares their “spot” with another person. We can only hope that we made it that much more memorable for you two. The love you share is effortless. Seeing you two together gives us heart eyes that match yours when you think about Fort Sheridan. You two are perfect together and we can’t wait for October!