The school spirit was strong with this one. Intentionally representing her school colors with her black dress and scarlet red stole, she raised her hands up high in the “guns up” sign. For those who aren’t familiar with this hand gesture, it is a well-known school spirit greeting between students. It is also a sign of victory, which fits perfectly for Nicole’s graduation session. She made it! Nicole is a true Texas Tech Red Raider, and her school pride shows deeply. Every time she threw her hand up, her smile beamed with happiness. You couldn’t help but smile right back at her, she was glowing that much! If all this wasn’t enough to show you how much Nicole loves her school, she even wore her class ring to her session. Of course we needed to show that beauty off in a photo, while yet again Nicole showcased her school spirit in her Texas Tech sweatshirt. She is the perfect example of someone having school pride. And we love that.

Nicole is full of life. She is confident, outgoing, and cheerful, and those qualities shined through in her session. She loves her school. She is proud. And she sure as heck should be. When you work hard for what you want, you deserve to celebrate that. We loved seeing how happy Nicole was when talking about her college days. With too many memories to count, you could just tell how much she loved her time at Texas Tech. It was easy to see why she loved her college days so much. We love seeing people being proud to represent their school, and Nicole certainly did not disappoint us there. 

Nicole, all we can say is thank you. Thank you for trusting us to capture your graduation session in our newest town of Austin. You have no idea what that means to us! You are such a joy to be around, and can brighten anyone’s day with your laughter. You are going to do amazing things. You have such a bright future ahead of you and boy we can’t wait to see your future boutique come to life. Congrats again grad, you did it!