Typically we tell our families with newborns that the best time to photograph their little one is within the first two weeks of life. As luck would have it, we have mostly photographed newborns at the end of the two weeks or even later! It’s not impossible but it has more challenges. We were so excited when we scheduled baby Reid’s session at exactly a week old. He was the tiniest, squishiest, and sleepiest baby yet. He made some grumpy faces throughout his session and stayed awake for a good part of it, but once we got him in a deep sleep, we flew through our normal poses. Aside from the portraits on the blanket, Mom wanted to incorporate two family heirlooms into the session. The first one was an old fashioned scale that was passed down through generations. For how old it was, it was still in great shape! We also got to incorporate some blankets that baby Reid’s grandma knit for him, so it made the set extra special. The second heirloom was a solid wood cradle. He looked so tiny in this big cradle, but at least he has lots of room to grow in it. We absolutely loved spending time with baby Reid and his parents, and would go back for more baby cuddles any day!