It was a moment of calmness after lots of giggles, tickles, and jumping on the bed. A quiet silence filled the bedroom. No one made a sound. This sweet family of four all snuggled closely together on their bed. Mom was breastfeeding baby boy while big sister laid on Dad’s legs, her head resting on baby brother’s head. All connected together. Then they all just closed their eyes, slowly breathing as one. They were all simply taking in this beautiful bonding moment. It was as if we weren’t even there. All that mattered was their family unit. Their strong bond. It was so special to witness. It truly wasn’t a moment we were expecting. Not because these four don’t cuddle (because we can assure you, they LOVE cuddling together), but because previously so much excitement and playfulness filled the room. This was a surprisingly peaceful moment. And we were SO happy it happened naturally. It was so beautiful. 

This sweet moment describes the Saucedo family’s bond perfectly. They are a close-knit family, full of so much love. Documenting their family cuddles in their bed meant so much to them because that’s where they spend the most time together. Their bed is a special place, so what better way to capture the four of them than in one of their favorite spaces? The Saucedo family calls their cuddle sessions “family squishes,” and we think that is the sweetest thing ever! We loved being able to see their family squishes while we were with them. Apart from their cuddly side, Mom and Dad let big sis and baby bro be themselves. Sister and brother have different personalities, and Mom and Dad let those shine during their session. Mom even told us to “embrace the craziness,” which we love! It isn’t always realistic for young kiddos to sit still and smile at the camera (at least not for long periods of time), but that didn’t matter to the Saucedo family. They wanted their true personalities to come out in photos, and they certainly did not disappoint there! Big sis and baby bro were able to be themselves, full of laughter, jumping, clapping, and more, while Mom and Dad got to admire, play, tickle, and snuggle their babies. What a perfect way to document their sweet family.

Saucedo family, wow, what can we say?! We had an absolute blast working with your family. Y’all are so sweet. Your family bond is unbreakable and it is truly so beautiful to see. Thank you for inviting us into your home to capture such precious memories. We loved chatting with your bubbly daughter and playing peekaboo with your adorable son. It was very clear to see how much your kiddos mean to you, and we feel so honored to have had the opportunity to capture that for you. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!