There she was. Tiara in place. Floor-length lace gown fitted like a glove. Nails done. Hair and makeup on point. Soft smiles and shy giggles written on her face. Were we working with a model? It sure felt like it! Posing in the beautiful garden of the Bahá'í House of Worship was the birthday girl. She truly looked like a star. And everyone around thought so too. Surprisingly enough, her beauty ruffled some feathers. Just to preface this story, we had all the necessary permits to photograph at the temple (we’re not rule breakers!). Serlyn looked so modelesque that the security guards stopped us multiple times thinking we were doing a commercial shoot. What a compliment to her! 

We definitely weren’t anticipating this situation. Not because we don’t agree with them, because we do! Serlyn needs to be in a magazine. But because this is so not her personality. It is so sweet how shy and reserved she is. We loved watching her come out of her shell and shine in front of the camera. She just wanted to celebrate her 15th birthday in style and she was mistaken for a professional! Again we don’t blame the confusion, because she pulled off all three of her looks effortlessly. It’s quite a story to tell. 

Serlyn, you can model for us anytime. We know you thought we were crazy when we told you to fake laugh, but you have the prettiest smile and a beautiful personality to match. We absolutely loved spending the afternoon with you to celebrate your special milestone. We can’t wait for everyone to see how stunning you looked at your Quinceañera. Thank you for sticking with us even though having your picture taken isn’t your favorite. You are the best!