The clouds were rolling in. The sky was darkening quickly and the wind started swirling around us. A thunderstorm was about to unfold. We decided it was time to start making our way back when the clouds opened up and the rain started to fall. It wasn’t long before that light rain turned into a downpour. You could hear it hitting the pavement as it fell harder and harder. With nothing but a clear umbrella in hand, they rushed for cover under a little awning. Texas may not have seen much rain recently, but it seemed that fate had different plans for this sweet couple. We took some time to wait it out, looking onto South Congress Street and watching as the rain fell all around us. Love stories often have a unique way of unfolding, with unexpected twists and turns. Sneha and Abhi's tale was no exception. They shared with us the story of their enchanting proposal in Italy (what a dream!), a moment that changed their lives forever. It was a day filled with love, surprises, and, of course, rain. After Abhi popped the question, the heavens once again decided to bless them with some showers. Little did they know that this would become a recurring theme in their journey – rain on their proposal day, rain at their engagement session, it seemed like the rain liked to follow them around. It must be preparing them for a lifetime of good luck. If rain is considered good luck on your wedding day, that same theory should apply to your proposal day and engagement session day, right?? We think that’s good logic.

It may have been pouring, and it may have changed our session plans a bit, but it certainly didn't dampen their spirits. Or stop us from having fun. Sneha and Abhi were troopers through the whole thing. They clung onto their umbrella, took each other's hands, and with the Austin skyline peeking through the foggy background behind them, they gracefully walked across South Congress Street. With wet clothes clinging to their skin and the biggest smiles plastered onto their faces, they continued to have the time of their lives. The rain wasn’t going to damper their moods. It could never overshadow their love and happiness. Sneha and Abhi were determined to enjoy every moment of their engagement session, no matter the weather. And we LOVE that about them. What's truly remarkable about Sneha and Abhi is their unwavering positivity and their ability to find joy in every situation. Nothing was going to stop them from smiling and giggling throughout the entire session. That’s just who they are. They are playful. They are caring. They are overflowing with love. They know just what to say to make each other laugh, and no amount of rain was going to stand in the way of that. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Love is about finding sunshine even on the rainiest days. Sneha and Abhi’s love was a ray of light on that stormy day. And we think it prepared them for a lifetime of good luck and happiness. Sometimes, a little rain is all you need to make your love story even more unforgettable! 

Sneha & Abhi, thank you! Thank you for sharing your love with us. Thank you for embracing the rain. And thank you for having so much fun along the way. You two are such a joy to be around. You brighten any gloomy day! We never wish rain on anyone’s wedding day, but we know if rain blesses you on your big day, you two will embrace it. Because that’s just what you do! You go with the flow and keep on smiling. Nothing can damper your spirits when you are together. You two are destined to be together and we can’t wait to see you start your forever together as husband and wife. So cheers to a lifetime of love, happiness, and laughter! 


Shout out to Sneha’s amazing hair and makeup team! - Silk + Glow Beauty

And Sammie’s Italian for bringing their vision to life!