We parked on the side of the road. We jumped out of our cars and made our way up a trail at Holy Hill. A sacred location with glorious scenery and a special place in Tatiana’s heart. We saw why almost instantly. The sun was shining perfectly through the tall trees. And the crunch of the leaves under our feet was like music to our ears. Especially because it felt like a late summer day at the end of October. It was quiet. It was peaceful. It was bright and warm. It was like one of those moments that you see in the movies. Pure perfection. Nature’s bliss. And Tatiana’s shy laughter filled the air with extra joy. She tossed leaves in the air and twirled around so gracefully.  The trail’s beauty and warmth matched hers as she effortlessly posed and smiled for the camera. 

Nothing is better than a perfect evening like that one. Except, of course, for experiencing that perfectness with someone like Tatiana. She made our job so incredibly easy by just being her delightful, bubbly self. And we got to take in the beauty of one of her favorite spots. Next to ice cream, that’s the recipe for a perfect evening and a pretty easy way to our hearts. We love remembering the beauty of those moments on the trail because we think it depicts her perfectly. While we didn’t have too much time to get to know each other, we do know that Tatiana is such a sweetheart. She is mature and intelligent. So much so that you forget that she’s a Senior in high school celebrating her 18th birthday. Chatting and giggling with her was so much fun, we didn’t want her session to end. Her easy-going personality is a photographer’s dream because she is down for any adventure you throw her way… just like accidentally walking into a thorn bush per our direction and still having a smile on her face… sorry again Tatiana! Speaking of, her smile is stunning. It’s definitely the best accessory she wears! If you couldn’t get the gist by now, we just think that Tatiana is beautiful inside and out. 

Tatiana (& Mom!) it may be obvious to say at this point, but we absolutely loved being a part of your 18th birthday celebration and senior session. We couldn’t have ever dreamed of a better evening to get you dolled up and have some fun in front of the camera. Such a treat! So thank you times a million! Tatiana, never stop smiling. Keep striking your poses. And keep being you. You are seriously such a gem and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. We know you will do great things!