It was quiet throughout the house while soft music played in the background. Mom and Dad had their phones ready with their eyes on their boy. With his face and hands covered in blue frosting, baby boy slowly took another bite of birthday cake. For being a cake smash, it was such a calm environment! Buddy was taking his sweet time eating his cake (and we don’t blame him!). He was contemplating every lick and bite he took. He wasn’t overly happy or sad, just simply content being present in the moment. It was probably one of the longest cake smash sessions we’ve seen for this reason! Typically these sessions go one of two ways: either baby loves it and devours as much as possible or baby hates it and wants absolutely nothing to do with the cake. However, neither of those was the case for this sweet boy. He was simply just taking his time and enjoying every bite of cake. Then he would take breaks to look all around and examine the cake, frosting, and sprinkles. He wasn’t quite sure what he was eating, but he liked it. 

While this adorable, and slightly comical, scene unfolded in front of us, we all couldn’t help but giggle. And then Mom simply said, “this is so him!” She told us how he is a super calm baby. And we’d say that checks out! Calm was the perfect way to describe little man during his cake smash. We’ve never seen anything quite like it and it was so cute to watch. It honestly looked like he was in deep thought about this cake of his. We loved it! Truthfully, the whole afternoon we spent with this sweet family was a calm experience. Their home was peaceful. It’s their favorite place to spend time together. And their love for each other really shined through. We knew this session was tugging at mama’s heartstrings. That first birthday is a bittersweet one! You are so happy to reach that one year milestone while at the same time so sad that your baby isn’t a baby anymore. What better way to celebrate that milestone than having us document those precious memories in your home. It was the cherry on top!

Torres-Vasquez Family, thank you for allowing us to capture such a special time for your family! We loved watching you three interact with each other. It is clear that you are the best parents to that baby boy and he loves you so much! Not to mention, his cake smash was seriously one of the cutest things ever! What a sweet little boy you have! We can’t wait to see all that he does in the years to come. Happy 1st birthday baby boy!