Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our online galleries, but that is only half the fun! There is something so special about holding photographs in your hands that brings you back to your special day, that an image on a screen just can’t replace. That is why we feel albums are so valuable and timeless. 

Your online gallery is the perfect way to easily share your wedding photos with your loved ones, but why invest so much money into your wedding photography to have your images just sit on your computer! A beautifully crafted album is a permanent heirloom that will be in your family forever. There are many ways you can display your album in your home. You can keep it available to family and guests on a coffee table or you can keep it on a bookshelf and take it out when you want a reminder of how beautiful your day was. 

The best part about our albums is that they are completely customizable so they are unique to your tastes. The album is bound in your choice of leather, linen, or a custom image. The album pages are printed on archival photo paper and placed on sturdy thick pages that lay-flat. Due to the lay-flat design, you won’t lose any part of your images in the crease of the book, which we think is super important! The inside covers of your album will be made of a clean white art paper for a classic look. You also have the option to customize the cover with your names and/or wedding date. 

We have created a seamless process for you to order your keepsake. It starts by you selecting all of your favorite images in your online gallery, and then we use those images to design your entire album. We’re going to be honest, we LOVE albums, but a big pet peeve of ours is when we flip through an album that is so busy. It is overwhelming to look at a page that is overfilled with images. When we design your album, we take the extra time to arrange the photos to flow nicely. Our goal is to make sure that the best images stand out on their own, because not every page needs multiple images. So basically what we are saying is that we do all the hard work for you, but don’t worry we will send you a proof before we order it so you can make any necessary changes! 

At the end of the day, we want nothing more than your album to perfectly tell the story of your big day and your love for one another. Not to sound like broken records, but we truly believe that having your wedding photos displayed in an album is the perfect keepsake.