Why we think you need a first look.

The music starts playing. Everyone stands up in unison. The beautiful bride begins her walk down the aisle. Guests’ eyes are moving back and forth from the bride to the groom to catch him shed a tear or two. There’s a lot of pressure in that one big moment, right?! And we know, this is the traditional way a wedding ceremony begins. It truly is a magical moment. But what if you could create an even more magical one? With just the two of you. Does this sound enticing to you? This is where a first look comes into play.

To start off, for those you may not know, a first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony. They have a special, intimate moment alone, just the two of them. They can talk with each other, share private vows, pray together, or just stare in awe at how amazing the other one looks. The moment is all YOURS, you can do it however you want. Here is why we think you need a first look on your wedding day…

bride and groom emotional first look in garden

Time for just the two of you.

Wedding days are busy. There’s a lot going on, a lot of voices to listen to, a never ending to do list. It can get pretty hectic. Having a moment for just the two of you to be alone, take a breath, and remember why you are there, it really is the best. All those nerves and butterflies go away as soon as you see the love of your life. But the beauty about it is that you don’t have all eyes on you. It’s just the two of you. You can be fully present with each other. Soak in that moment as you reflect on the most special day of your lives.

bride and groom first look on lake dock

You can express your real emotions.

We think it is safe to say that most guests will turn their gaze away from the bride as she’s walking down the aisle to get a peek at the groom’s face. Is he crying? How is he reacting to seeing his bride? There’s a lot going on in that short time frame! But if we are being honest, not every groom is comfortable showing his true emotions in front of people. Some are more emotional and instantly have a tear rolling down their face, while others are more reserved with their emotions. They may be straight faced holding it all in. Of course no way is right or wrong, but having a private moment alone allows for you both to show your real, raw emotions. You don’t have to hold anything back if you don’t want to because you are with your person. We’ve had bride’s tell us that they never expected to see their groom cry, when in fact he did during their first look! 

bride and groom emotional first look
bride and groom first look

A private moment to soak it all in.

Traditionally, once the bride walks down the aisle, the ceremony instantly begins. The officiant starts talking while the bride and groom listen intently. You don’t have the time to share your feelings with each other. During a first look, you have that time to express your feelings, gush over how amazing your soon-to-be spouse looks, really soak it all in. Some couples like to take this time to read the personal vows they wrote to each other. If you are someone who maybe isn’t a fan of sharing all your feelings in front of a hundred people, this is the perfect moment to read your vows. This is also a great time to pray with each other if that is something you both do together. And of course, you can also just simply be present in the moment with one another. Smile and giggle, share hugs and kisses, look into each other’s eyes, examine the details of what the other one is wearing. The day you’ve been waiting so long for is finally here. Let that sink in! There really isn’t anything quite like it.

bride and groom exciting first look in forest

You can have more time with your guests.

Logistically speaking, having a first look allows for more flexibility for your wedding portraits. We can use the time before the ceremony to take your bride and groom portraits, wedding party portraits, and sometimes even the family formals. All before you even walk down the aisle! What happens after the ceremony? You can take a moment to yourselves, freshen up, eat, relax. Or you can head to cocktail hour with all your guests! You can mingle, take photos with your friends, experience the whole thing. And of course, you can always take more photos during that time as well, because let’s be real, we will never say no to more beautiful portraits. 

bride and groom emotional first look at venue

And one last note...

Even with a first look, that iconic walk down the aisle moment is still there. The bride still gets to have all eyes on her as she walks towards her soon-to-be husband. The groom can still get those butterflies seeing his bride. It is STILL a special moment, even if it isn't the first time seeing each other. You have that pressure lifted off your shoulders and it’s just pure happiness as you get to start your forever together.

So, have we convinced you yet? We know, first looks are not for everyone, and that is okay! We will support you in whatever your vision is for your day. Because, it is just that, YOUR day. But, we hope this post was helpful in seeing some of the benefits as to why we love a first look.

bride and groom exciting first look