let's get to know each other

We are Lexi and Emily.

We LOVE love! We are both hopeless romantics who married our high school sweethearts. We have been in your shoes and planned our own weddings, so we are here to be more than just your photographers. Our goal is to be your friend and make things as easy as possible for you. If you’re willing to trust us, all you have to do is be yourself, show some lovin’, and have fun. Leave the rest to us.

We capture all the sweet love stories in Chicago, IL and Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois Portrait and Wedding Photographers
Austin, Texas Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Fun Facts About Lexi:

Serving the Central TX area

  • You can typically find me at home sitting on my couch watching either Disney or Friends
  • I live in leggings - all day, every day
  • I can shop for home decor for hours (can I be Joanna Gaines?)
  • Girl mom x2 and I've already apologized to my husband for the credit card bills
  • I cry at all happy or sad moments, so have tissues ready for me on your wedding day
  • Coldstone's Cake Batter ice cream with brownie is the way to my heart
  • I can't cook anything, unless it is mac & cheese

Chicago, Illinois Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Fun Facts About Emily:

Serving the Chicagoland area

  • I am a sunset chaser. I will stop everything I am doing to admire and watch them
  • I like my sugar with a splash of coffee served over ice and topped with whipped cream.
  • I practically live at Target and am expecting my own parking spot soon
  • I am an aspiring plant mom without a green thumb
  • My staple food is Cookies & Cream ice cream
  • I've been bit by a travel bug and have many places on my bucket list. Italy and Spain are next!
  • My plans have plans...can you say Type A or what?!

"Thank you for capturing the love we felt this day.

You went above and beyond. Capturing every guest,

and every heart felt moment."

We will be a great match for you if you are...

Madly in love, silly, homebodies who are perfectly happy spending a night in, quality family time is important to you, love traveling together, down to earth yet fun and bubbly, sentimental, and genuinely happy people who love those simple and intimate moments.

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Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to...

Our absolute favorite thing about working with couples is witnessing the love they share for each other. That love that you can just see from how they look into each other’s eyes. Those flirty little moments where they squeeze each other tight or rest their hand on the other person. We swoon every single time. It’s such a magical thing to experience and everyone deserves that kind of love.

And...you know what we love about love? How much it is able to grow over the years. Through shared experiences, challenges, the highs and lows, and so much more, love is always the constant factor. Let it be the glue that keeps you together. Because love is amazing and when nurtured in a blossoming relationship, it is truly all you need.

Love Notes...
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April & Alex

Our entire experience with Love Elle has been wonderful! What really stands them apart is their excellent communication and the dedication they have towards their clients. We truly feel that Emily and Lexi went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. With Love Elle, not only do you get wonderful photos, but you get two dedicated photographers whose passion pours into their work and people that actually care about their clients. THANK YOU SO MUCH EMILY AND LEXI!

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