The Love Elle Experience

Trust me, I get it. Whether you are about to graduate high school and take a big step onto that college campus or you are completing your college degree and taking that big leap into the “real world,” I've been there. I’ve had those same feelings. And while it may be scary or nerve-wracking it is also SO exciting! What a special time! 

As a senior photographer, I feel like it is important to connect with all of my clients and make these lasting friendships. Your session will be all about YOU. I promise to make you feel comfortable and confident. I will be your biggest cheerleaders, an extra set of hands to make sure your outfit looks on point, and keeping an eye on stray hairs. Be prepared for lots of giggles and silly moments because I will guide your portraits through my prompts. This allows me to capture a mix of both posed and candid moments of you.

I will absolutely get those classic, smiling-at-the-camera portraits, but don't be surprised when I have you twirling in a field of flowers or strutting yourself down the “runway.” You will leave your session with a smile stuck on your face and a gallery that has all your friends double-tapping the heart button on social media. 

I have always cherished those dreamy, timeless photos for myself, and I love nothing more than providing that for my clients. I carefully select the best images that perfectly tell your story and hand-edit each one because these moments will be treasured for the rest of your lives. This is a pretty unique thing I do in my business because it adds more work and may take more time. But I put a lot of value on that part of my workflow and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

You are a Love Elle Senior if you:

Love getting dolled up.

You never pass up on an excuse to dress your best. And hey, sometimes it's hard to just pick ONE look, so bring them both! I love showcasing your style. It is such a milestone to have your senior portraits taken. Plus, who doesn't love getting some killer photos of themselves?!

Love a good time.

You love showing off that beautiful smile of yours. Having fun and doing something you love brings you LIFE! You are down to try new things, act silly, and be your true self. You are special just by being YOU!

Love your friends.

You are always waiting for the weekend to start so you can spend some quality time with your best friends. Maybe that includes happily driving around town jamming to the latest hits, grabbing some Starbucks, or walking the Target aisles together. As long as you are together, you are happy!

Love your memories.

You are SO excited for the best year yet but also remembering all the "lasts" - senior prom, last football season, hanging with friends during free period, and making memories with your besties. It is a whirlwind of emotions this year, and you want to remember all of it!