The Love Elle Experience

Let us guess… You smile when you think about them. Seeing them is the best part of your day. Whether you are spending a night out on the town or snuggling up together on the couch, as long as you are together you are happy. A simple kiss on the forehead makes your heart skip a beat. An impromptu dance session in the kitchen happens on the regular. Does this sound like you? If so, we are your girls. We THRIVE over a crazy love like this, and we want nothing more than to preserve those feelings for you. 

As couples photographers, we feel like it is important to connect with all our clients and make lasting friendships. We can totally relate to feeling like the luckiest girls in the world! Your session is all about you and your love for one another so we promise to make you feel comfortable and confident while keeping those smiles on your faces. We will be your biggest cheerleaders, an extra set of hands to fluff your dress, and keeping an eye on stray hairs.

Be prepared for lots of giggles and silly moments because we will guide your portraits through our prompts. This allows us to capture a mix of both posed and candid moments between you two. We will absolutely get those classic, smiling-at-the-camera portraits, but don't be surprised when we have you twirling in a field of flowers, walking hand-in-hand with the love of your life, and of course sharing lots of kisses.

Taking beautiful photos and providing those memories to you is just one part of our job. We have always cherished those dreamy, timeless photos for ourselves, and we love nothing more than providing that for our clients. We carefully select the best images that perfectly tell your story and hand-edit each one because these moments will be treasured for the rest of your lives. This is a pretty unique thing we do in our business because it adds more work and may take more time. But we put a lot of value on that part of our workflow and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

You are a Love Elle Couple if you:

Are crazy in love.

As obvious as this is, you should be head over heels for each other. The bond and intimacy between two people who are crazy in love is definitely something that you can't force. These feelings and sweet moments translate so well in photos, like moving her hair behind her ear or sharing a passionate kiss. When all you feel is love for your partner, your happiness radiates.

Love pampering each other.

You've heard of love languages, haven't you? Everyone has their own. Learning how to take care of your partner and act on those love languages are the ingredients to a happy life together. You don't need an excuse to get dolled up, but if you are camera shy and your partner likes the spotlight, you can compromise and have a good ol' time at your photo session!

Are down to have a good time.

Smiles are contagious which is why you two should wear your best ones all the time. And life is too short to take yourselves too seriously. This is why you should spend your time making each other laugh, sharing silly moments, dancing around, and soaking each other up. This will ensure you will have lots of favorite adventures together.

Cherish timeless memories.

Isn't everyone's goal to spend 100 years together with their one and only?! Why not make every memory count? Because the days you spend together are the ones you will never want to forget. Photos are moments frozen in time that will forever bring you back to those feelings (some you may have already forgotten about). There's no better way to have stories to tell for generations to come than a gallery documenting your love.