We spent most of our season photographing our clients who know us personally one way or another, whether it be a friend or a referral, so it was exciting when Katerina reached out to us. She organically found us on Instagram because she was interested in a photoshoot with her boyfriend, Daniel. Let us just tell you how amazing this was to us because we can’t tell our clients enough how important we think photos are. We definitely believe that you don’t need a special occasion or reason to get dolled up and have some fun in front of the camera! This is exactly what Katerina and Daniel wanted to do. They were both a bit timid at the beginning of their session, which is super common with a lot of our clients, but like most, they warmed up and killed it in front of the camera! We think that they are so cute together and have such chemistry. We loved Katerina and Daniel’s “just because” session, and we can’t wait to work with them again when special occasions come about for them!