We don’t know about you all, but we definitely were not photogenic or fashionable when we were thirteen. But man oh man! April and her besties have got it all figured out. To celebrate her 13th birthday, April and her four best friends got dolled up for a photoshoot! We think this has to be the coolest way to celebrate your birthday. We may be biased because it’s our job, but what a great memory to look back on. And teenagers always seem to love being in front of the camera, so it’s kind of a no brainer.

It was super sweet because these girls have been friends since elementary school and you could easily tell how close they all are. They were giggling and making jokes the entire time while still hyping each other up. The girls made our job so easy because they nailed any pose we threw at them and made it look fierce! We ended the session at the beach in front of the water and those are some of our favorite photos because their outfits complimented the scenery so well. 

If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift to give, we highly recommend a birthday session. We wish that was something we would have done when we were younger. All the best to you April! We hope you had a great 13th birthday!!