What better way to celebrate your birthday than at a photoshoot with your best friend! That’s exactly what we did with Monica and Anna. It was extra special because these two share the same birthday and they both turned 13! Not to mention it was their golden birthday, so we had to go all out for it. The girls took a shopping trip to find the perfect outfits, got their hair done, and wore their best smiles. It was honestly so easy to work with Monica and Anna because they love having their photos taken and they were encouraging each other throughout the whole session. Their friendship is seriously one of the sweetest to witness because they are so close, they could almost pass for sisters! They giggled and joked around with each other so much that we found ourselves laughing along with them. It was enjoyable to be around them because they reminded us of our own friendship, just a little younger. We would hands down love to celebrate every birthday this way.