The waves were crashing against the pier. All you could hear at Kenosha’s North Pier Lighthouse was the ebb and flow of Lake Michigan. The bold, red lighthouse stood tall, acting as the perfect backdrop. It was peaceful. It was serene. Especially because both the beach and the surrounding pier were empty. Not because there’s anything wrong with this location, but because it was COLD. So cold that the sun, shining as bright as it was, wasn’t even enough to keep us warm. But, we were there for such a special reason. The start of a new chapter. A proposal! As soon as we saw Brad get down on one knee and ask Bridget to marry him, nothing else mattered. The chill faded. Our hearts were beating so quickly. And their happiness was radiant! They embraced each other in the sweetest, warmest hug and made their way towards us with the biggest smiles on their faces. 

We truly thought this moment couldn’t be anymore perfect. Brad pulled off such an epic surprise. Bridget had no idea! And the look on their faces when she realized that there was finally a beautiful ring on her finger was absolutely priceless. But then Bridget giggled through the chill of the air and her excitement. She told us that while Brad was asking her to marry him, he said something along the lines of how they have “known each other for the past 5 hours," instead of 5 years. Brad, we are sorry to put you on the spot here, but wow this is perfect! It’s perfect because it shows us just how much he loves her. He had to have been a bit nervous for this moment. Can you imagine being so infatuated with someone that your words fail you? That’s what we thought of when Bridget told us this. We also know that Bridget reciprocates the same love for Brad. It’s adorable. It’s romantic. And it’s kind of silly. Which is the perfect way to describe these two. We can tell that they have so much fun together. They laugh a ton. And are able to joke around with one another just like they did about Brad’s mix up. They are the best of friends and have so much love for one another in their hearts. Their love is as easy going as their personalities, and it is such a joy to be around them. Even the coldest of days can feel like a warm one because they just bring so much warmth and joy to any situation.

Bridget and Brad, we are still so honored to have been a part of this beautiful moment! It was truly so special to be a part of the planning process and to witness it all come to life. We smile everytime we think about just how happy you two were! We thank you for effortlessly being your happy, sometimes goofy selves. And we hope that stays with you forever. We CANNOT wait to celebrate with you during your engagement session and on your wedding day. We’re honestly so relieved that you asked us to be a part of your special day, because we need more Bridget and Brad in our lives! Cheers to you lovebirds. (: