Another amazing time with one of our own family members, but this time in a different state! Lexi was in Florida which was the best excuse to head down to the beach with her camera for a sun-filled family session. Photographing at the beach in Florida was so fun because everyone knows that Florida beaches are much different than Chicago beaches. We unfortunately don’t spend much time at the Chicago beaches during our sessions, so we had to take advantage in Florida. Last time Lexi photographed the Galeanos it was for their maternity session (which you can see here), so this session was extra special because it was the first time Lexi got to photograph her niece, Elly. How cool is it that it was also Elly’s first time at the beach and feeling the sand in her toes and the chilly water! She definitely had a blast and had a smile on her face the whole time. It was hard not to smile watching her light up! Can we also just take a second to admire Elly’s adorable outfit?! We don’t even dress ourselves that cute. If only Dudis Design made an outfit like that in our sizes! As we’ve said before, it is always so special getting to photograph the Galeanos where they live, and we can’t wait until next time!