“Look at your cake! It’s so yummy!” exclaimed Mom and Dad. “Here, try some!” they encouragingly said as Dad broke off a piece to give to baby boy. We waited in anticipation. We were quiet. But we were all smiling the goofiest smiles just watching him. Does he like it? Will he eat more? Mom and Dad worked SO hard to make this moment special for him. The beautiful balloon backdrop and the homemade cake were the icing (haha we love a good pun) on top of this special day. We so badly wanted baby boy to make a mess of his birthday cake in celebration of the big ONE! But, if you remember from their family session, this handsome, giggly baby boy knows what he wants at all times, so he carefully ate the piece from Dad and sat with a confused look upon his face. He wasn’t sure what to think. He stared wide-eyed with his beautiful blue, ocean eyes back at Dad looking for answers. It was actually quite comical. Little man decided that he liked what he was eating, gave us his cute two-teeth grin, and gently placed his hand on the top of the cake. And this is where we lost him. He ate a little bit more, got icing all over his legs, and decided that his balloons were more interesting because he didn’t like being dirty.

And you know what? We LOVE everything about this moment. Of course it’s always ideal when babies go head first into the cake and eat just about every crumb, but this was just as cute. It’s a beautiful reminder that even babies have their own personalities. They are so unique, even more than we are as adults. And it’s also a wonderful way to remember that not everything goes as planned with kiddos and that’s okay. It turns these memories into something more magical than you could ever have imagined. Something like this is the perfect depiction of who baby boy is as a one year old. And like we mentioned, this little man always knows what he wants. He has a strong, confident personality that just puts the biggest smile on your face. He is curious. But he also knows what he likes and dislikes. And cake just isn’t it for him yet. What we love even more is how much Mom and Dad love him. Look at all they do for him. Endlessly try to make him smile. Give him opportunities to grow and learn. Spoil him with love and affection. And encourage him while reminding him that they are always there. We cannot wait to watch them all grow together as each of his birthdays pass. We’re slightly obsessed with this trio if you couldn’t already tell. They just put the biggest smiles on our faces! 

Well, Jensens, another milestone has come and gone. And we are so thankful to have been along for the ride. It’s been so magical and heartwarming for us to be a part of your big celebrations ever since you found out that you were pregnant with baby boy. Your love is one that we admire and your easy-going, warm family dynamic is what keeps us around. We love looking back at all the memories that we made when we need an extra smile or two. Cheers to you three and the beautiful life you are creating together!