It was a beautiful day in the windy city. Their Chicago City Hall ceremony was quick and simple. Yet it was filled with so much joy and love. The rest of the morning was like a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted with their special moments. And that brings us here, to my story. We were standing in the refreshing shade next to the 8th street fountain on Michigan Ave. Megan and I were chatting like old friends and enjoying the slight breeze because the sun was beaming. Our eyes were peeled. We were waiting. And then we spotted them. In the distance we saw a tall, dapper man in a black suit and fresh sneakers walking towards us with his best bud, Bodhi. And as they got closer, it was as if Bodhi knew exactly who he was about to see. The moment he spotted Megan, he tugged on his leash so hard, and started running towards her. His excitement was uncontrollable. His tail wagged back and forth at a speed I didn't know was possible and he circled around himself, eager for all the scratchies and love she could give him. And let me tell you, Megan returned the excitement and love twofold. She was beaming from ear to ear, talking to him in such a gentle, warm voice, and giving him all of the love as she bent down to the best of her ability. Megan and Bodhi shared such a sweet reunion after spending the morning apart and they matched each other's energy perfectly. And don't forget Luke, who stood proudly watching this moment unfold, with so much love in his heart for his little family.

There were so many sweet interactions that made this day memorable. Luke, with his playful nature, kept teasing Megan about not following directions well. And Megan, with her radiant smile, would look up at him, her eyes sparkling with love. Or how Megan, out of the kindness of her heart invited me to join them at their celebratory lunch in the city. Like are you forreal?! These little moments were pure magic, capturing the essence of their relationship and personalities. But there's just something SO special about this moment with Bodhi. Maybe it's because I spent the better half of the morning gushing over sweet Bodhi and all the stories Megan and Luke shared about him. Their faces lit up with pure joy every time they talked about him. And for good reason, he really is the goodest boy. Or maybe it's because this moment showed me just how much love there is in Megan and Luke's life. Their love for their sweet pup is undeniable. Which is a remarkable thing to think about because they are expecting their first baby in less than a month. So it's an easy thing to say that their baby girl will be surrounded by the same boundless love and warmth. And honestly, those two words are the perfect adjectives for these lovebirds. Love and warmth. There's just something about them that makes you feel so welcomed and at home. Megan and Luke are truly gentle souls in every way that a person can be. In the way they carry themselves. In the way they speak to others (including Bodhi). And in the way they approach what life brings their way. They walk through life with such easygoing natures, it's truly admirable. Their patience is graceful and I can stand to spend more time with them in the hopes I learn something from them. They laugh often and find joy in the smallest moments, which makes them such a delight to be around. Their happiness was infectious, especially when Bodhi joined us for photos. It was a testament to their kind and loving characters. And I feel so lucky to have witnessed it all firsthand.

Megan & Luke, big congratulations to you again. I am so thankful you blessed me with the chance to run around the city with you to celebrate your marriage. You've been together for a while now, but your story is truly just beginning and I cannot wait to see where it takes you. Honestly, your love story as a whole is a testament to the simple joys in life - a loving glance, a playful tease, an unexpected twist in your plans, and a tail-wagging reunion with a furry friend. All the small moments that make up your beautiful life together are truly magical, and I pray that you will forever experience more joyful moments in your journey. So cheers to you! Cheers to your next season of life and new roles of Mom and Dad. I think that's going to suit you perfectly!