Imagine your favorite place in the entire world. It could be anywhere. Whether you like to stay in the comfort of your own home or are keen to travel. When we think of the Perry family we think of adventure. A national park with mountains, waterfalls, and lots of hiking. Baby boy’s nursery is the perfect depiction of one of his parents' favorite places. The white walls, navy accents, and nature-themed decor came together perfectly. It was almost as serene as the real deal. If you haven’t figured out where we are talking, it’s Zion National Park. And if our descriptions didn’t give it away then this will. Little man’s middle name is Zion. So fitting for the adventurer-to-be! We’ll be honest, we can’t wait to see all the places they take him. Especially because we don’t get to travel as much as we’d like to. What do they call that? Living vicariously through someone else?! 

Perry family, you were such a joy to work with. You have the perfect little family with such big dreams. And some big personalities coming from your furry best friends. We are so grateful for the opportunity to help you welcome your precious baby boy. Which that’s exactly what he is. PRECIOUS. He was so easy to work with and we are obsessed with that full head of hair. Because this wasn’t the first time working with your family, this was extra special for us. During his newborn session, baby boy’s cousin (check out his session here) had major FOMO and was awake for most of the session. Your little guy slept the entire time. So we giggle every time we think about how different they were. We’re still equally obsessed with both sessions and babies. It must be a family thing! While we are reminiscing about his session, we’ll be impatiently waiting to see what’s next on your travel bucket list. Maybe it will come full circle with his first trip to Zion!